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Bus Routes

Amravati to Pune
Amravati to Aurangabad
Amravati to Ahmednagar
Amravati to Akola
Akola to Pune
Akola to Aurangabad
Akola to Ahmednagar
Khamgaon to Pune
Khamgaon to Aurangabad
Khamgaon to Ahmednagar
Khamgaon to Jalna
Khamgaon to Chikhali (MH)
Murtajapur to Pune
Murtajapur to Aurangabad
Murtajapur to Ahmednagar
Murtajapur to Akola
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Pune
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Aurangabad
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Ahmednagar
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Jalna
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Khamgaon
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Chikhali (MH)
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Shegaon (MH)
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Akot
Paratwada (Achalpur) to Anjangaon
Shegaon (MH) to Pune
Shegaon (MH) to Aurangabad
Shegaon (MH) to Ahmednagar
Shegaon (MH) to Jalna
Shegaon (MH) to Khamgaon
Shegaon (MH) to Chikhali (MH)
Akot to Pune
Akot to Aurangabad
Akot to Ahmednagar
Akot to Jalna
Akot to Khamgaon
Akot to Chikhali (MH)
Akot to Shegaon (MH)
Anjangaon to Pune
Anjangaon to Aurangabad
Anjangaon to Ahmednagar
Anjangaon to Jalna
Anjangaon to Khamgaon
Anjangaon to Chikhali (MH)
Anjangaon to Shegaon (MH)
Anjangaon to Akot
Patur to Pune
Patur to Aurangabad
Patur to Ahmednagar
Chandur Bazar to Pune
Chandur Bazar to Aurangabad
Chandur Bazar to Ahmednagar
Chandur Bazar to Jalna
Morshi to Pune
Morshi to Aurangabad
Morshi to Ahmednagar
Morshi to Jalna
Warud to Pune
Warud to Aurangabad
Warud to Ahmednagar
Warud to Jalna
Pathrot to Pune
Pathrot to Aurangabad
Pathrot to Ahmednagar
Pathrot to Jalna
Pathrot to Khamgaon
Pathrot to Chikhali (MH)
Pathrot to Shegaon (MH)
Pathrot to Akot
Asegaon Purna to Pune
Asegaon Purna to Aurangabad
Asegaon Purna to Ahmednagar